The three members of group WAKANZA, Sir G (aka Greg Louis), Mykïtone (aka Mike Clinton) and Kailyn Ryse (aka Caroline Loïal) have been performing alongside many artists for a long time.

It is after collaborating with Heavy C’s project, major producer and singer in Angola that they have decided to create their own backing band. After a while the band started to get quite known among many artists from the Caribbean, African and Portuguese speaking scene, even around the globe thanks to collaborations both through recording sessions and concerts.

African and Caribbean roots are the main source of inspiration of the Trio

African and Caribbean roots are the main source of inspiration of the Trio who’s much eager to bring Creole music back in the game, especially Zouk, by creating and producing contemporary music with a hint of spicy rhythms. Their music is eclectic…

WAKANZA is a combination of three words full of meaning for the members of this group and their various origins: KAWAN meaning «Friendship» in Malay, WAKAN «sacred and powerful» in Sioux, and the KWANZAA, the African-American celebration honoring the African origins and with major foundations unity, self-determination, cooperation, creativity, and faith.

After five years of projection, Kailyn Ryse, Mykïtone and Sir G, are finally ready and the trio WAKANZA was born…


«Le label d’instrumentistes « Black Stamp » invite Jean Michel Rotin pour un 45 Tours inédit.


Contenant 2 titres, « BE KOOL » et « PEACE JOY ». Réalisé par le bassiste Mike Clinton ( -M-, Lamomali, De la soul…), cette expérience riche en métissage est portée vers le futur , avec comme ADN notre culture caribéenne et nos standards de musique Soul Funk et urbaine dans le prolongement des oeuvres réalisées par la Motown….

Instrumentistes Black Stamp :
Mike Clinton : Réalisateur / Basses
Franck Mantegari : Batterie
Ralph Lavital : Guitares
Johan Dalgaard : Claviers
Jean Vernheres : Saxophone
Eric Mula : Trompette / Bugle
Sonny Troupé : Percussions
Chants : Jean Michel Rotin – Indy Eka
Ingénieurs du son / enregistrement et mixage : Madje Malki et Laurent Gatignol
Ingénieur Mastering : Chab
Assistant Mastering : Fred « Kunta » Dosne
Illustration : Yann Couedor
Producteur Executif : Sidney Regal pour Black Stamp Music

Mind Street – Andrea Love


Mind Street & Andrea Love are Back with Love Is The Light

It’s no secret that here at Groove Odyssey records were just suckers for a great song, so when this gem dropped on the listening table we snapped it up. Produced by the french trio known as Mind Street and featuring excellent vocals from Chicago Songstress Andrea Love.

Entitled « Love is the light » this song just grows with delight.

This soulful outfit comes with 3 mixes from Mind Street and an awesome Galactic Soul remix from the one and only Dj Spinna that just grooves far and beyond.



« KABOP » is flushed with the influences of « GWO KA », a traditional music from Guadeloupe conveyed by percussionist Marcel Lolia, mixed with Bebop influences inspired by Miles Davis.

In 1987, within the four walls of a township house in Guadeloupe, six hands come together to invent, try and compose a musical genre without borders. Within these metal walls, in the pit of the ‘Butterfly Island’; Mike Clinton (bass), Jean-Luc Arstand (guitar) and Gabriel Clinton (vocals and guitar) explore the subconscious poetry of the incredible richness of the « Creole » culture.

Five years later, the music born from these joint hands crosses the Atlantic to find itself on the shores of another continent which also come with a plurality of identities and cultures: the Seine Saint Denis, also called « the World Island  » where sharing is essential. The three composers surround themselves with a host of well-known musicians and give birth to a concept they called « KABOP ».

The album delivers a message of universality and invites the listener, initiated or not, to penetrate this poetic and musical fusion…

* traditional music of Guadeloupe


Here are Mike’s favorite basses, used in the studio and on stage according to the demand and the musical genre.