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The cybersound team

We are in 2006-2007. Cédric Louis has set up his own recording studio, the cybersound studio, in Pantin, (at the gates of Paris). A whole team of musicians will work there for so many artists, that their reputation will cross the borders up to Angola.

One day, Heavy C, a singer and producer, turns up from his home country and asks for the sound of the cybersound team for Angolan Zouk albums.

The team members may vary (Mike Clinton, Guy N’Sangue, Stéphane Castry, Michel Alibo on the bass, Thierry Delannay, Yann Négrit, Ralph Lavital on the guitar, Didier Davidas, Hervé Celcal on the keyboard…) but the most-in-demand hard core is Gregory Louis on the drums, Kévin Jubert on the keyboards, Amen Vianaà on the guitar and Mike on the bass.

There are different ways of recording : an album  is said “live” when all the musicians record together on the same days.
Most of the time, Heavy C or other producers turn up with a more or less clear idea of what they want. So, the tracks are created gradually. As a result, the albums of Pérola, Yuri Da Cunha, Totó ST, Kyaku Daff, Yola Semedo... are recorded.
Anyway, they expect the team to give them a “live” sound.

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